When you go into the planning phase of any shower the thought of games can’t be far away. Why not?

Games are an integral part of the shower. They allow the guests and the guests of honor a chance to relax. Be silly. And the most important part, have fun.

Need a reason?

Types of Games

Here are a few games that will get you started. Here are a few more!

Many of the games that are played tend to over lap. Some of them you will remember from past showers, others may be new.

  • Snow Capped – There is a good chance you’ve played this game before. But just in case you haven’t or the rules are a little rusty here they are. You will need a bowl of cotton balls and a wooden spoon for this game to work. Easy enough most of you should already have that on hand.
    • Rules:
    1. Place a chair in the middle of the room (Guests ring the active player)
    2. Give the active player the bowl and spoon
    3. Have the player attempt to pile as many of the cotton balls on their head as they can
    4. When they avalanche they are disqualified
    5. Count the number of snow balls they scored (minus the one that set the avalanche into motion)
  • Twenty Questions – Or however many guest you have invited. This game puts the guests of honor on the spot. The hostess/host of the party needs to print out a number of cards. The cards will contain the bride of grooms name and they need to be lined so that the guests can write down a few pieces of information. Most importantly they need to include their name. The cards will need to be handed out at the start of the shower so the guests have a chance to fill it out. This game is a little more complicated but it usually provides plenty of laughs. Remember the more personal the questions the better. Here is an example: “What did you say when I bandaged your scraped knee?”
    • Rules:
    1. The guests will be asked to write a question on the card (usually the request is written on the card)
    2. The question will be directed at the bride or groom to be (depending on who is named on the card)
    3. Once all the cards are filled out the game is ready to be played ask the couple to sit in the middle of the room
    4. The hostess/host will go through and collect all of the cards
    5. Now the host will read the question, making sure to address the person it is for
    6. Once the question has been read out they will be expected to name the person who asked it
    7. I am sure you can see where the fun comes in with this game!

An Important Note

While it is important to have rules – without them they wouldn’t be games – the rules are flexible. Just make sure that the same rules apply to all players and you’ll be all set!


It isn’t a required part of the games, but it never hurts. Collect a few small items together that can be given out to the people taking part in the games. They can be something small to eat. A sample of soap or other cosmetic product. It is entirely up to you. They can even be matched to the shower theme.