A Wedding Shower

Has never been easier

Here are just a few of the most popular couples shower invitations you’ll find.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. With 180 to choose from there is a good chance you just haven’t found it yet.

Purchasing Couples Shower Invitations Online

We’re pleased to be able to offer your thousands of first class easy to customize couples shower invitations. When we say easy to customize we mean it. Each design is made so you have the maximum level of control. What you want is what you get. And that motto begins during the creation phase and ends when you’re holding your professionally printed wedding shower invitations in your hand. And in the off chance that you’re not 100% thrilled with the invitations you can return them for a refund, replacement or store credit.

Purchasing the invitations is doesn’t need to be a daunting tasks, with these premium designs customization is both fun and easy. If you don’t believe us just try it yourself. But be warned, it can be difficult choosing just one!

When you order an invitation for your couples shower you don’t need to worry about matching it to the invitations you have selected for your wedding. There are a lot of wedding invitation templates out there that you can choose from, and it is unlikely that you will find one that fits with your couples shower theme. But there are plenty of ways to complement the overall ambiance that you want to create for your wedding.

While once unthinkable – even bordering on the taboo – a couples shower is a common event in today’s society. And while it may seem like you need to make twice the effort when hosting twice the guests, the amount of work remains the same. Wedding showers show a strong bound already exists between the couple even before they say “I do.”

Why host a couples shower?

A better question is “why not?” There are no rules saying that a woman has to have a bridal shower, that no men are allowed to attend or even when it must be held. With the relaxing of many of the rigid traditions that surround shower culture disappearing a couple should not be concerned when making arrangements.

It’s a party

A chance to join the with family and friends. A chance to celebrate the impending wedding as a couple. A chance to share your happiness and joy with others. And a chance to party!

The theme is up to you. It is a perfect time to show your tastes, share your style. If you feel like a BBQ then there is no reason why you shouldn’t host one. Do you have a taste for the vintage? Elegant, trendy, retro or tropical? Just make sure you don’t loose sight of what is important. Having fun.

Party Games?

This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any shower. The games. And while certain ones may seem strange in the coed environment many translate one-to-one. And there are many different ones to choose from.

Feel daring, pick out the games that you will enjoy. Games that will be a hit no matter what generation the guest is from.

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Your Life Together

Planning a bridal shower is hard work. A couples shower can be twice the work. But it doesn’t have to be. And here is why.

You’re doing it together. If you remember that, things tend to fall into place.

Have fun!